Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Wild Moose Chase

After sharing my Primary Newsletter, I got to thinking, I should start sharing my designs I've done over the years.

One that I'm pretty proud of is one I did for Shawn's DPT class. As part of their fundraising efforts, every year the DPT 2nd years put on a Trail Run called the Wild Moose Chase.

Shawn volunteered me to design the flyer, and even if I was a little nervous (wasn't sure what they're expectations would be) I was excited to design again. I subscribed to Creative Market a while back when I bought my blog font (which I don't actually like very much...I should change it), and I get a lot of freebie design elements every week and so I was excited to use some of them that I thought were perfect for this flyer!

Sign up to do the run at

What do you think?

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