Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Schedule

Hello to all you lovely folks out there! Sorry about the hiatus. It turns out having 4-5 projects going on simultaneously, trying to work full-time, keeping the house clean, Christmas shopping, and still keeping my head above water is proving difficult. I don't know how other blogger mommies do it. (!!!!!)

I have been working on a lot of really fun projects lately, but I've failed to document, even though the thought to take pictures crosses my mind all of the time. I'm going to be honest and say that when I started this blog I had high hopes of it (eventually - I know full well something like this takes oodles of time) turning over some income at some point. I've never been motivated by money, though, and it actually seems to be a de-motivator, as I've had less of a desire to blog since I hit it hard back in September.

I have (in my humble opinion) some great things to share at some point, but for now I'll leave you with this useful idea.

Since my husband and I were married we've tried really hard (sometimes too hard) to please both sides of our families and share our time with them equally. It hasn't always happened, but that's always been our goal.

Between my husband's family and my split-family (both parents remarried) it's hard to coordinate schedules sometimes! This year, to try to make things a little more organized, I put together a schedule that I emailed to all of our siblings and parents so that they would know when we would be where.

I used Excel to create the spreadsheet and used a few free fonts to make it look Christmasy. I'm sharing them with you today if this is something that you'd like to use, too!

Head over here to download the workbook and find the two fonts I used below:

Commercial Script font (Script font used)
Budmo Jigglish (Marquee font used)

***A quick little tip for multi-line text in excel. The key combination Alt + Enter results in a new line within a cell. That's how I'm able to create the list in the key section.***

Happy Christmasing!

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